Always be sure to run `php artisan nova:publish` after upgrading to update Nova's JavaScript and CSS assets.

  • v3.9.0


    Released September 8, 2020

    • Nova has been updated for compatibility with Laravel 8. @d016dc
    • Added a new Slug field which allows for creating a unique URL identifier from another Text fields value. #951
    • Added a new placeholder helper method to set placeholdre values for form fields. #952
    • Action fields now support providing default values. #941
    • Added ability to change the "update resource" button label. #943
    • Nova's search debounce is now user-configurable. #942
    • Added ability to prevent accidental form abandonment. #948
    • Nova will now scroll to the top of the page after failed form validation. #949
    • Nova will now restore the scroll position when the browser's back and forward buttons are used. #949
    • Fixed several issues where extra visible space was being used. #946, #950
    • Nova will now throw an error if translation strings are incorrectly configured. #931
    • Nova will prevent its Service Provider from being loaded multiple times. #953
    • Nova will now only default the MorphTo selection to its viaResource value if it's an allow resource type. #937
    • Nova will now show subtitles on MorphToMany field selection options. #954

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