Always be sure to run `php artisan nova:publish` after upgrading to update Nova's JavaScript and CSS assets.

  • v3.8.0


    Released July 21, 2020

    • Added link to the detail view of a resource when clicking the ID field. #913
    • Added ability to show column border and tighter table rows. #912
    • The BelongsToMany is now searchable. #916
    • Nova now supports Laravel's localization case-replacement syntax. #920
    • Added new CustomLensHeader component for user-land overriding. #921
    • Added new showSumValue to Trend metrics to allow you to show the sum of the Trend data. #919
    • Added the ability to customize the CSS classes used for Action and inline Action confirmation buttons. #927
    • Panels are now Macroable. #925
    • Fixed issue when saving 2 Vapor file fields on the same resource. #911
    • Fixed issue when using Nova themes when using a reverse-proxy setup. #917
    • Fixed visual issue with Metric help icon z-index. #924
    • Nova will now use refs when initializing Place fields. #922
    • Nova will now use translations on many of its default stubs. #915
    • Fixed issue with the DateTime field's picker display formats. #870

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