Always be sure to run `php artisan nova:publish` after upgrading to update Nova's JavaScript and CSS assets.

  • v3.12.0


    Released October 6, 2020

    • Added support for friendly page titles. #1000
    • Fixed an issue with BelongsTo fields and default values. #983
    • Fixed a regression in the Resource searchable method.
    • Fixed an issue with Date filters that prevented them from clearing their input when reset. #984
    • Fixed an issue with incorrect model namespacing when generating new resources. #989
    • Fixed errors that occurred when firing change events for fields. #992
    • Fixed an issue preventing Code fields from displaying their data on edit forms. #993
    • Fixed an issue preventing MorphTo fields from fill their values correctly. #988
    • Fixed an issue with preventing form abandonment in BelongsToMany fields. #997
    • Fixed an inconsistency between Currency and Number fields when handling NULL values. #991
    • Fixed an issue preventing the deletion of images on HasMany fields. #999
    • Fixed an issue preventing File and Image fields from being downloadable if only defined in fieldsForDetail method. #994
    • Fixed an issue preventing fields from filling when using polymorphic relations. #1002
    • Fixed a regression causing translation naming collisions when using label and singularLabel methods on Resources. #910

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