Always be sure to run `php artisan nova:publish` after upgrading to update Nova's JavaScript and CSS assets.

  • v2.9.3


    Released January 7, 2020

    • Adds ability to add more-descriptive class names to Nova's Vue components using new Nova::enableThemingClasses() method. #763
    • Nova will now use the give field name first for determining a field's label.. #764
    • Fixed issue where Nova wasn't detaching all resources in "Select All" scenarios on large resource amounts. #765
    • Changed Markdown link insertion to use GitHub's url placeholder text instead of http://. #766
    • Fixed issue with Lenses where an ID field was required. #745
    • Fixed issue with Lenses where executing an action did not reload the resource listing. #745
    • Nova will now correctly disable select all fields when no ID field exists. #745
    • Nova will now look for Resources in the application namespace. #746
    • Fixed issue in Edge browsers where checkboxes would not correctly fire their events. #771

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