Always be sure to run `php artisan nova:publish` after upgrading to update Nova's JavaScript and CSS assets.

  • v2.9.0


    Released December 10, 2019

    • Fixed updated country names to be more correct and fix some typos.
    • Fixed an issue where readonly wasn't working correctly for KeyValue fields. #743
    • Fixed issue which required one to put the BelongsTo and BelongsToMany fields in a certain order. #744
    • Fixed issue where singularLabel wasn't being respected on BelongsTo and HasOne fields. #748
    • Fixed issue where Nova wasn't using the correct guest guard for the ResetPasswordController @6cd92ea
    • Fixed URI keys for Cards. #750
    • Added ability for File and Image fields to set the Accept attribute. #751
    • Fixed issue with duplicate Resources. #752
    • Nova will now send extra parameters when fetching Filters. #753
    • Nova will now call the resolver callback even if the field attribute isn't present on the underlying model. #756
    • Nova will now use the Model instance being updated to retrieve validation rules. #638
    • Nova now allows you to set Policy rules for ActionEvents. #656

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