Always be sure to run `php artisan nova:publish` after upgrading to update Nova's JavaScript and CSS assets.

  • v2.8.0


    Released November 26, 2019

    • Added new withoutTrashed method to explicitly hide the Show Trashed checkbox on BelongsTo fields. #721
    • Added ability to customize where Global Search links should point. #719
    • Nova will now avoid resolving non-related fields when resolving Avatar fields. #703
    • Added ability to disable Nova's 'traffic cop' feature when updating resources. #727
    • Added ability to specify the language for Place fields. #2e050c
    • Nova will now resolve the preview for searches. #469
    • Nova will now use its nova.guest setting when determining guests for its "forgot password" flow. #735
    • Nova now allows you to set the rounding precision for partition metrics. #711
    • Fixes issue where withMeta calls were not being serialized with their payload. #718
    • Fixes issue where Sparkline fields where not hidden from Create and Update views. #717
    • Fixes issue with creating uri keys for non-English Lens, Metric, and Action names. @abaa36, @e52c7e
    • Fixes issue where a two-item Collection wouold trigger errors in Select fields. @206571
    • Fixes visual alignment of resource table row icons. @899c68
    • Fixed issue where Nova fields would not stack correctly. #730

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