Always be sure to run `php artisan nova:publish` after upgrading to update Nova's JavaScript and CSS assets.

  • v2.7.0


    Released November 12, 2019

    • Added new allowZeroResult to have values of zero to not be considered as "no data". #692
    • Added ability for Markdown and Trix fields to listen to field update events. #677
    • Added ability for search results to be limited per-resource via a new globalSearchResults option on the resource. #696
    • Added ability to use a custom ActionResource class, which is useful for adding fields and other functionality. #694
    • Added new Nova::report method, which allows for customizing Nova's error reporting. #695
    • Added ability for BooleanGroup field to use a Collection or Closure to return options @c48980
    • Added ability to add custom header components for all Nova's views. #679
    • Added abiltity for Nova custom scripts and styles to be cached by the browser. 701
    • Added new Sparkline field for showing small line graphs on resources detail and table row views. #655
    • Nova now includes updated Country field translations to match the current ISO standard #617
    • Added ability for custom connection-based Trend date expressions #599
    • Added ability to store Trix attachments in sub-folders #562
    • Nova will now pass an instance of NovaRequest to metrics #704
    • Fixed issue where pagination was showing for HasOne fields. @0a8b551
    • Nova will now escape Textarea field content when displaying it. @69106b2
    • Nova now allows for installation of spatie/once at version 2.0 #615
    • Nova will now avoid resolving fields for certain situations where the value isn't needed. #645
    • Fixed issue with "Select All" menu on Lenses. @610bde9
    • Fixed issue with validation not working when trying to add value to a nullable BelongsTo field. @1c8a90f
    • Nova will now check if a method exists when using a callable array for Select field options. #698
    • Nova will now return FieldCollection objects. #627
    • Fixed issue which broke 3rd-party packages when checking if a field is required. #684

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