Always be sure to run `php artisan nova:publish` after upgrading to update Nova's JavaScript and CSS assets.

  • v2.5.0


    Released October 15, 2019

    • Nova will now refresh resources in the index list when inline actions are ran.
    • Added ability to customize an action modal's confirmation, cancel button, and run button text.
    • Added ability to mark fields as required using boolean or closure.
    • Added ability to refresh metrics when actions are run.
    • Added ability to show help text inside metrics.
    • Improved styling of Image loader while loading.
    • Added ability to customize Nova's password broker.
    • Nova will now pass viaResource, viaResourceId, and viaRelationship parameters for BelongsTo and MorphTo field types.
    • Nova now allows you to set the precision amount for Value metrics.
    • Nova will now emit a resource-loaded event on its update form.
    • Added new withoutTableOrderPrefix to customize how lens data is pulled from the database.
    • Added ability to pass unique parameters to Dashboard.
    • Nova will now apply formatting logic to metric tooltips.
    • Fixed issue where some forms requests were being sent multiple times.
    • Fixed issue where metric charts were not filling correctly.
    • Fixed issue with autocomplete on Date filters.
    • Fixed issue where modal's would close when picking dates.
    • Fixed issue with Value metric timezones being calculated incorrectly.
    • Fixed issue where padding was not correctly applied for resouce index views with filters.
    • Fixed isse where displayUsing was no longer working on BelongsTo fields.

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