Always be sure to run `php artisan nova:publish` after upgrading to update Nova's JavaScript and CSS assets.

  • v2.0.4


    Released May 14, 2019

    • Fix issue where Lens pagination would be stuck after fetching a new page.
    • Fix regression where Per Page filter selector didn't update the amount of resources in the index listing.
    • Fix select controls inside Metric Vue components.
    • Fix issue where Gravatar and Avatar images get squished on dense resource table views.
    • Adds cancel button to Attach, Create, Update, and UpdateAttached views.
    • Adds a few missing translation keys for Resource deleted and restored confirmations.
    • Nova will now prevent a user from using create and edit shortcuts when a policy or gate forbids the action.
    • Nova will now show non-viewable relations as normal text instead of bold.
    • Changes minimum password length inside the UserResource stub to the recommended 8 character minimum.
    • Changes location of Nova's logout route registration.
    • Changes global search to show hotkey help text.
    • Nova will now show loading indicators for the resource table when fetching new records.
    • Adds ability to specify where a user is redirected after saving and updating a resource.
    • Improves how multi-word Resource names are labeled by default.
    • Updates translation keys to support more translation scenarios where gender and word order are important.
    • Adds KeyValue translation keys.
    • Adds the ability to customize the headings for the KeyValue field.

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