Always be sure to run `php artisan nova:publish` after upgrading to update Nova's JavaScript and CSS assets.

  • v1.2.1


    Released December 12, 2018

    • Add ability to pass custom rules as the first argument.
    • Add support for resolving from JSON field in boolean and gravatar fields.
    • Add support for Twig inside of code fields.
    • Add helper method to resolve BIGINT ID fields as strings for the front-end.
    • Add ability to set the first day of the week on Date and DateTime fields and Actions.
    • Add support for custom filter keys, which enables you to reuse an action in the same resource, but configure it differently.
    • Nova will now format with whitespace for Textarea fields.
    • Nova will now delete the previous file from storage if the field is updated and prunable.
    • Nova will now send invalid resource names in the URI to 404 view.
    • Allow footer to be published alongside other views.
    • Improve handling of custom Authenticable models in the user navigation.
    • Nova will now pass the value and disk name to File field callbacks
    • Fix issue with File fields colliding when the attribute name was "files".
    • Fix browser compatibility issue with dropdowns using flatMap.
    • Fix issue with action events and authenticable identifiers.
    • Fix issue generating the uri key of lens and partition, trend, and value metrics.
    • Fix z-index of search results when visible over a card.
    • Fix issue that kept code and markdown fields from showing their full content on load.
    • Fix visual regression in empty index buttons.
    • Fix issue where date fields would close the action modal but leave the calendar visible.
    • Fix mapping of integer keys in Boolean filter.
    • Fix issue that kept action resource counts from being updated correctly.
    • Fix issue where resource count labels couldn't be translated into their proper plural in non-english languages.
    • Fix issue with showing image previews on detail and form screens.
    • Fix issue where empty resource groups were shown in the sidebar.
    • Fix morph map inside action log.
    • Fix scrollbar overflow on actions menu.
    • Fix collision of action fields when field is using the name action.

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