Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a trial or online demo version of Nova? Can I use Nova without a license?

No, there isn't. However the official documentation will get you a long way in understanding how Nova works and if it's right for your project. Here's a video of Taylor Otwell demoing Nova at Laracon US 2018. There's also a whole free course on Nova which can give you a good idea of how it looks and works: Laravel Nova Mastery.

All license purchases are also covered by a limited 15-day refund policy.

What is the difference between the licenses?

Solo licenses are for single developers working on products making less than $20k USD per year gross. Solo licenses are provided as a cost-effective way to allow single developers to get started using Nova.

Pro licenses are for multiple developers working on products making more than $20k USD per year gross. Pro licenses also receive email support. This is primarily targeted towards business customers.

Where can I download my invoices?

You can download an invoice for each license on the License page on the Nova site:

Your invoices don't have all the information I need for my accounting department. How can I customize what's shown?

You can also customize the information displayed on the invoices in the invoice settings sections of your Nova account:

Can I use one Nova license for all my sites?

Every project you use Nova for must have its own license. There are no "Unlimited Sites" licenses for Nova at this time.

What is a considered a "project"?

A project is a single installed instance of Nova. You may use Nova on local, sandbox/staging servers as well as one production environment. You may use Nova on multiple subdomains as long as they're served from the same instance of Nova. You may not use a single Nova license for multi-tenant websites where there's multiple copies of Nova running. Each of those are considered separate projects and require their own license.

Can I ship a copy of Nova in my own product?

Nova is not intended to be bundled with any other product or service. However, the code you write for Nova (custom resource tools, metrics and cards, etc) are completely yours to do with what you like. That means you may charge for your Nova packages or any "pre-packaged" Nova resource, etc.

Can I get a discount when purchasing multiple licenses at once? Do you have any bulk pricing options?

If you'd like to find out more about bulk licensing please contact us at Nova Support.